User Experience Researcher + Strategist with an Eye on Intersectionality and a Heart of Content Specialization Gold


I am a New Yorker with a love for reading, adventure and travel who recently relocated to Los Angeles. I have quite the mixed bag of a resume which includes a 10- year stint as a waitress/bartender/cocktail waitress in NYC and ATL; a digital content producer/events coordinator in NYC for MTV World, other major digital publications and fashion brands; and a secretary in a middle school guidance counselor’s office.

In moving to the next phase of my professional journey, I recently completed a 550+ hour immersive course in User Experience Design at General Assembly in order to hone, harness and lasso my extensive content production skills into more complex and fulfilling roles. My true passion lies in research and strategy as I often had to consider all stakeholder needs (user and client) whether it be copywriting and brand awareness, the kinds of content I produced and for whom as well as the style of execution and documentation/analysis. Additionally, my past experience has cultivated an organic adeptness in interacting with a wide variety of people across a swath of cultures and backgrounds in any context.

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