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Why One-Night Stands Are Actually The Worst
Originally published on NTRSCTN.

Casual sex has never been my thing.

The several sweaty, drunkenly awkward trysts I've had ended with me sneaking out (or kicking them out) and the two of us never speaking again. I've ignored and even blocked phone calls, rolling my eyes heavenward at text messages seeking a second encounter. My memories of sharp tongues and hot panting breath in my ear would eventually engender in me a feeling of complete disgust towards the men I knew for just one night.

Sex is an invasive act; that's why uniting our most intimate body parts—but deeming it a passing fancy—just feels wrong to me. Don’t mistake my intentions, though; this isn’t the judgmental prattle of some right-wing zealot. As a liberal, well-traveled, and educated woman of color, I’ve had my share of experiences across borders, oceans, races, and cultures. Still, every one of my spontaneous sexual experiences has somehow left me feeling empty.
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Will Griggs of Cantora Creative On Using Data to Create Better Music Experiences
Cantora, formerly known as Cantora Records, is a legitimate breeding ground of innovation. The umbrella company has its proverbial fingers in some of the most groundbreaking aspects of technology, as applied to the music industry. The founding members—Will Griggs, Jesse Israel, and Nick Panama—began Cantora as a means of helping to manage and promote super successful electro-pop band MGMT. Since MGMT’s critical and popular success, Cantora has snowballed into a formidable power with a heavy interest in creating personal user experiences during live shows.
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Interview: Black Milk Talks New Album and Going Digital
There are few people in hip-hop more technologically savvy than Detroit’s own Black Milk. So when we were looking to explore the intersection of music and technology, we knew who to call. With his sixth solo album, No Poison, No Paradise, set for release on Oct. 15 under Fat Beats and Computer Ugly Records, we caught up with the eclectic, top-tier producer to discuss his love of analogue instrumentation, his growing fascination with digital instrumentation, and what fans can expect from the new LP.
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