LADY ReBranded Site ReDesign

BrandingUI/UXInformation Architecture
Zoy Britton (Me)- Research Lead/Co-Project Manager
Angela Lee- Co- Project Manager
Dolores Verdiell- Design Lead

Photoshop, Sketch, Keynote, Marvel, Pen and Paper


To transform LADY ReBranded's editorial blog into a responsive, subscription- based website for women which offers intersectional and holistic resources for centrepreneurial and leadership development.

Research + Strategy + Scope
Our first task was to collect market research that would help us deconstruct the key tenets of the business brand model so that we could then convert them into concrete product MVPs.
It was crucial for us to collect data concerning gender disparities on an economic level in order to define an objective framework for LADY ReBranded's mission statement. This data also helped us to establish a means of clearly conveying the brand's core tenets in a unique and insightful way. 
Additionally, collecting information about key challenges faced by the service's demographic helped us to begin sorting out what features and functions to emphasize. 
My research highlighted the importance of conveying a genuine sense of community especially with regards to retaining user engagement and loyalty. 

Having established a solid understanding of how to effectively transmit the brand's key tenets and modus operandi, we began developing our user persona and user flow.
Using our persona's pain points, we established the following user flow to represent the path a particular user might take when visiting the site. 
Ideating + Iterating 

In user testing one of the first variations of our homepage wireframe, (pictured below) we discovered that making a page too busy played a large role in detracting from brand transparency and general usability. 
With respect to continuity and the client's wishes, we decided that following the golden rule of design (rule of thirds) by splitting the page into three sections would be both aesthetically pleasing and most effective for site navigation.
Various landing page iterations...
Lastly, we made a concerted effort to use compelling and brand- relevant images which evoke a sense of pleasure within the users, thereby heightening the site's overall user experience. If it feels good, users will return. 
Second to last homepage iteration which we made several small changes to- as reflected in the prototype- based on further user testing and client specifications such as the desire for a relevant infographic on the homepage.
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