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Get to Know: Mister Green & Eunbi Ceramics
At first glance the two seem like an unlikely pairing: the verbose and mild ceramic specialist/ artist Eunbi and the laidback, but confident Ariel Stark- owner of cannabis culture brand Mister Green. Yet as the conversation continues, it becomes apparent that they employ a lovely synergy borne out of mutual respect and an understanding of each others strengths and boundaries.
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Kilo Kish for Union Los Angeles
Life is a collusion of paths, winding and intertwining down roads that lead to destinations and stops we rarely glimpse sight of before our distinct arrival. Yet, as byzantine as these trails can be it is these very journeys which, cumulatively, act as the fire within which our true personas are forged or destroyed. Kilo Kish’s debut studio album Reflections in Real Time explores both the difficult but necessary process of self- reflection and the dynamics of growth through a compilation of multi- genre tracks ranging in length from quietly musing minutes to raucous mini- opuses reminiscent of the alt girl bands of the early 2000s.
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